Do you remember Nila Warsiki, who we appealed for school sponsorship in February? Well since gaining sponsorship from supporter Marte Haraldsen, Nila has been loving going to school. She also received a great surprise when she was visited by Marte!

Nila lives together with her parents, brother and sister. The 5 family members all live together in a simple a one-roomed house. Every day, Nila wakes up at 6am and walks 6km to and from school.

Upon hearing about her sponsorship, Nila was so excited. But there was even more excitement to come when Nila’s sponsor Marte came for a visit. Sponsoring children in Bali runs in the family for the Haraldsen’s – both Marte and her mother are sponsors.

Untitled-1The family are from a very poor community, in the Bangli region of East Bali. The area does not have much tourism or a stable economy…it can make life extremely difficult for people that are desperately trying to look after their family.

Nila lives with her older Yustika (11th grade), who both share a bed in their 1 roomed house.  Her younger brother Gede shares the room on the only other bed in the house. Their parents sleep in the kitchen.

NIla and Yustika's bed on the right, Gede's bed on the left.Young Gede has needed a sponsor for school for a while now and sister
Yustika has just finished school, but always dreamt of going to college.

Nila’s family received more great news from Marte and friend Jessisca’s
visit. Not only did Marte and Jessica create a new sponsorship for Yustika, but Jessica also sponsored Gede right there and then! Gede was also the lucky recipient of a brand new bike.
It was a dream day for the family as all three children became sponsored and they were able to meet the kind people who were behind it!

IMG_6505Here’s what Marte had to say after meeting Nila and family.

‘It was a really interesting day. Their living conditions were actually a bit worse than I imagined and it was such a sweet, hardworking family so we were happy we could help a little.’

‘We brought some food and clothes(some of them to small) and went to see them. We asked them if they wished for something and the Gede said a bike so we went to get one for

‘We’re also gonna help the oldest sister Yustika through a one year college program starting in a little over a year.’

‘It was a really special experience and it probably changed our life’s a little bit for the better. Thank you!’

We can’t thank Marte, her family and Jessica enough for being there for Nila’s family. Sometimes, people find themselves in desperate situations through no fault of their own and they need IMG_6495a helping hand.

If you can help by becoming a sponsor for children that really need it, please visit our sponsorship page.