13th September 2017.

Bali Children’s Project is excited to be undertaking the Penebel Learning Centre Renovation in the northern hills of Tabanan, Bali, thanks to a grant from The Welch Trust.

With our Libraries & Learning Support program launching with our very first full renovation to Adi Kumara Library in 2016, we now have begun work on our second project.

The project is happening thanks to a grant from Michael & Victoria Welch of The Welch Trust.

Penebel Renovation

The new renovation is taking place in the picturesque Bali countryside. The initial building put aside for a library was in such poor shape that it was being used as a snack shop instead. The school lacked books, a good quality building or the knowledge of how to run a library – or extra sessions.

That is all changing at Penebel Elementary school though, as the new renovation will turn the building from a crumbling tuck shop, to a bright, fully equipped library.

What’s the Issue?

Libraries are common place in elementary schools in Bali. This sounds fantastic – until the libraries are seen in person. While not true for every library, there are a huge amount of buildings that have gone to waste and are not used for their original intentions.

Due to a mixture of reasons, these libraries become a wasted resource.  Many elementaries struggle to source appropriate and exciting books for their students, meanwhile teachers struggle to maintain and run libraries when children aren’t interested.

What are we doing at Penebel?

The first step is to renovated the tuck shop and truly turn it into a library. In fact, work has already started on the building, which should be complete by the end of September.

It’s not a simple case of fixing up a building and putting books inside though. Penebel Elementary has been selected based on the community and teachers all eager to provide a better education for their students.

How will the Learning Centre Operate?

Teachers and community leaders at the school will be running the new library, creating sessions and lesson plans for learning and reading. While the building is owned and managed by the community, Bali Children’s Project will be there to help them manage the library.

We’ll be visiting regularly, training teachers and ensuring local children get the most from their new facility.

It’s not only reading and literacy that the building will be used for – desktop computers will help students learn essential computer skills, while out of hours English lessons will help them develop their language skills. Meaning it will become more of a learning centre for the whole community.

Coming Soon

Bali Children’s Project is excited to work with such an engaged and needy community. We extend our thanks to Michael & Victoria Welch of The Welch Trust, who have made this project a reality.

See photos of the renovation below

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