3rd July 2015.

Twins Mariana and Mariani recently received a surprise visit from Penny, who has pledged to sponsor both girls’ school costs.

A couple of months ago, we appealed for a sponsor for two twins, Mariana and Mariani – both of whom were a large family of all girls. Their father earns $75 a month and was struggling to pay for school fees as the girls grew up.

Mariana works outside of school to try and raise income for the family, while Mariani’s hand deformity means she is unable to.20150612_142102_resized

So came as a huge relief to the family when Bali Children’s Project supporter Penny decided to sponsor both girls. It was a double delight for our twins, and the family. The pressure was eased a little bit, knowing that the girls had enough money to cover school costs.

We were also able to deliver further good news as Ketut Purnama, the twins’ younger sister was also sponsored by supporter Linda. We hope this will be a pivotal point for the family, changing the future prospects of all three sisters.

The joy was not over yet though. True to her word, Penny – a regular visitor to Bali – actually came to meet the girls herself.

Sulatri – the twin’s older sister who has already graduated and now works part time with Bali Children’s Project, took Penny to meet her younger sisters.

It was an incredible moment as Penny arrived with a few small educational gifts, and ‘kek lapis’ cakes and tea for everyone to share.

Penny spent a while talking to Mariana, Mariani and their family, discussing how the girls are doing in school and their lives outside of school, before heading off again. A regular visitor to Bali, Penny will be keeping in touch and arranging future visits.

In the meantime, we’ll be ensuring the girls get all the school support they need, and will be arranging treatment for Mariani’s hand.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Penny, as well as all those who help by sponsoring children to go to school in Bali.

20150612_144624_resizedIt costs $40 a month to send a child to school, but makes a lifetime of difference. To find out more about sponsorships, visit our sponsor page or contact us.

Whenever someone sponsors a child through Bali Children’s Project, we always encourage them to visit if possible.

Visiting the children you sponsor helps them to know you are behind them all the way through school. It gives many children a renewed hope and determination to do well in school.

It is also an unparalleled experience for you – the sponsor – to meet the child whose life you are changing.

**we adhere to strict policy on visiting children, with visits arranged in advance and accompanied by BCP staff***