10th July 2016.

Giving a School Entry Backpack helps children access school through providing the basics their families can not afford.

backpack2We come across many children in need of support to access school. The school backpacks are given to children who are on our sponsorship waiting list to at least help them to start school while waiting for a sponsor to support long term costs.

Why School Backpacks?

Most children who we come across are in desperate need for support. Many families just cannot afford to buy school supplies such as backback4uniforms, bags, shoes and more. Without these basic materials, children are unable to start school. Their dreams of an education and a future are lost before they have even begun.

School backpacks removes entry barriers and enables children to start school.

For some, it can be as simple as giving them the basic equipment and materials needed to start school. While these children still may need backback5sponsorship later on, giving a school entry backpack is the perfect solution for helping children with immediate short term costs.

backpack3School backpacks include

– 3 school uniforms

– 1 Physical Education uniform

– 1 pair of black school shoes

– A school backpack

– School supplies (books, pens, pencils and pencil case)

– The school admission fee (known as ‘SPP’)

Additional items as needed by each child

*Note: Primary students backpacks are cheaper ($100 usd) than Secondary students ($150 usd) as it includes less entry fees.

backpack1To Donate a Backpack

You can donate by going to our donate page and marking your donation ‘TO BUY SCHOOL BACKPACKS’. You can also select a backpack in the program designation area.

We will let you know which child your backpack is going to and you’ll receive updates on their progress. You are also welcome to ask who is in most need of a backpack before committing.