4th August 2015.

Children all across Bali are getting ready for the new school term – starting this week – and our sponsored children are ready!

It is that time of year again. Children from all areas of Bali are moving up into the next year of school. For most it is an exciting time where children have the chance to further develop and make new friends.

Kadek Arinata is just one of 100’s of sponsored children who are starting the new school this year. We took a visit to Kadek last week to ensure he had everything he needed. We were greeted with huge smiles.

A KADEK ARINATA IN ALL NEW CLOTHES AND BAG AND SHOESKadek was the proudest young man in town as he wore his brand new uniform, bag and school shoes. His sponsorship, kindly provided by supporter Betty, also covers all school fees that are compulsory if children are to stay in school.

This year, Kadek is moving up to grade 5 and he couldn’t be more excited about it.

Meanwhile, not far away in Bangli, Dewi (pictured below) had also bought her new uniform and is raring to go for the new year. Dewi is making the jump up to third grade.

For many other children across Bali, it can be a testing time as families struggle to keep up with costs for school. Our sponsorship Program aims to keep as many children in a DEVI RATNA DEWI FOR MAXschool in Bali through paying their associated costs. Often, children from poor families drop out of school due to the costs.
Sponsoring children through school means the pressure to find fees is off and children can go to school knowing they will at least graduate high school.

Stay tuned for more stories from our sponsored children.

You can find more about our sponsorship program by visiting here.