16th April 2018

In a busy month of April, Bali Children’s Project have started both our eighth and ninth projects in Bali, thanks to support from Timothy Sykes. The latest project will create a new learning centre out of an old teacher’s building.

Our eighth project working with the generous Timothy Sykes in Bali. SDN 2 Kintamani is oversubscribed and lacks quality learning spaces. In April, we began work on turning an old unused teachers house into a brand new library.

After already funding several schools, Tim Sykes continues to show his commitment to supporting learning in Bali, through yet another project.

We are now in full swing with launching our 2018 projects, with Dausa school about to finish, Wijaya Kusuma School already underway and a further two schools ready for renovation directly after.

Watch Gusti, our Library Support Program Manager introduce the situation at the SDN 2 Kintamani, as well as how we’ll transform it into a vibrant learning centre.