2nd November 2015.

October was another amazing month for sponsorships. Supporters from all over the world have sponsored 15 new children. It will change their lives forever.

It’s incredibly encouraging when people get together for the greater good in the world. That’s exactly what happened in October when we had 15 new sponsorships – equalling our all time monthly record for sponsorships.

What is amazing is that this has started a chain reaction that will change all these children’s lives. To all sponsors this month – we thank you.

Our thanks goes to Zubin (x5), Catherine, Isaac, Robyn & Bethany, AnnaMarie, Alison, Lee-Ann & David, Heather, Daniel (x2), Carrie, Rebecca & Alison.

Click on each image to read the story about each sponsorship.

If you are considering sponsorship, please get in touch or see our waiting list here.

*Bali Children’s Project feature as many stories about the children we sponsor as possible. Although we’d love to, we can’t feature them all.

Our newly sponsored children in October:

5 by Zubin


Swastika and Bayu


koming juniasih

Komang Redi

Komang Nova Selviana


Kadek Ana

ketut Anita