31st March 2017.

Bali Children’s Project has renovated yet another kindergarten! The basement school of Adi Kumara was in disrepair before, but you won’t believe the difference now.

Basement School Complete

One more school in Bali has benefited from an amazing turn in fortunes. Following the completion of our last school at TK Taman Widya Baru, Bali Children’s project got straight to work on TK Adi Kumara – a joint preschool and kindergarten.

Schools Support Program Manager Ayu Trisna had lined up Adi Kumara school for support, after reviewing their situation. TK Adi Kumara Geluntung, located in the mountains of Tabanan is within the school grounds of a larger primary/elementary school, but the schools condition was not good.

The basement room was a dark and dreary learning space that regularly flooded. There was no power or quality light and very little in the way of toys and games for students.

See the video of the renovation below.

Timothy Sykes Foundation

The renovation is thanks to a large donation made by the Timothy Sykes Foundation, which has created a new fund specifically to renovate and supply underprivileged early stage schools in Bali. The funds have already helped us to renovate other schools, with this being our latest project.

The project is part of our larger Schools Support Program, which renovates, equips and trains schools in need.

Why Adi Kumara?

‘We chose this as our next project because the community here is very involved, but does not have the funding ability to help the school themselves.’

Thankfully, primary school/elementary infrastructure and support is covered by regional education boards in Bali, meaning these schools are well equipped. However, kindergartens are often in need of support, lacking in infrastructure, supplies and teacher training.

Whats the Problem?

Adi Kumara’s kindergarten is located at the back the existing elementary school grounds. Part of a two story building, the bottom floor has been used as a kindergarten for children who will soon be entering the same primary school.

The school had been created years ago, but over time, their materials and supplies have become worn. Even the desks and chairs were
broken, with infestations of termites.

The building itself was dark with only a few small windows. Being on the bottom floor also meant there was very little natural light, with one ceiling light, connected by some dubious electrical fittings.

Further problems at the school came with the drainage system. And in the mountains of Bali it never rains, but pours. All rainwater run off from the roof and nearby drainage water
regularly floods the whole bottom floor.

With so much rain, the basic playground area didn’t stand a chance. The old and rusty equipment had become unfit for use.

What did Bali Children’s Project do?

Bali Children’s Project has completely renovated the school – reinforcing the structure, inserting new windows, a new power supply and a drainage system so flooding will be a thing of the past.

The school has been brightened up with new paint and completely new materials and supplies – without the termites!

Even though completed, we’ll still be around, helping the school to maintain its great new quality. Program Manager Ayu will be holding regular Teacher Training Workshops, along with visits to ensure the school truly becomes a wonderful new kindergarten.

What is the Impact?

When children from TK Adi Kumara graduate, they go directly to the adjoining elementary school to start their formal educational careers. Providing early stage education for children is critical to their development.

Their are 29 students currently at the kindergarten, but when completed the school will cater for up to 40 students. In just a few months, this school will go from struggling to get by to a stunning, accessible and high quality early education supplier.

Teacher training workshops will greatly improve the ability of teachers, while new supplies will given them the means to put what they have learned into practice.

The result will be a school that can provide quality education, with ongoing support from Bali Children’s Project.

Our sincere thanks go to Timothy Sykes, for his incredible support of this work.