20th October 2017.

Just look at the joy on the faces of Penebel children as we opened a brand new Welch Learning Centre in the hills of Bali!

Watch our video below to see the incredible change Penebel Elementary School. What was originally intended as a library had become a crumbling old canteen, that was not much use at all.

But thanks to Michael and Victoria of The Welch Trust, Bali Children’s Project was able to renovate the building and turn it into a Learning Centre.

The school is already reaping the rewards. Children are learning in the centre every day. They have access to books, computers and free English classes. None of this would be happening without this building.

In fact, parents wanting to send their children back to Penebel Elementary have already jumped as they know such resources are now available. Previously, parents had sent their children elsewhere due to the poor condition of the school.