This month, we are highlighting a plea for help from a family much in need.

Ni Made Mariana and Ni Nyoman Mariani are inseparable twin sisters. The two girls are so bright and dedicated to learning, spending all their free hours helping their parents so they can get together school costs.

But to secure their educational future, both are in need of a sponsor who can open up opportunities they’ve only been able to dream of so far.

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Ni Luh Rasmiati is Sponsored!

We bring fantastic news that Ni Luh Rasmiati is now sponsored for school! A HUGE thank you to the lovely Cecilie, who has become Ni Luh’s sponsor!

Ni Luh is an adorable 7 year old first grader. She’s a sweet young girl who always wears a smile, even though she is going through difficult times.

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Career Opportunities for Girls

Once sponsorships are complete and children have become young adults, the next important step is to help them access work so they can achieve their dreams. Jamu Spa has linked with Bali Children’s Project to provide a great way for those wishing to train as Spa Therapists.

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Sex Education in Jembrana

Our next phase of 2015’s HIV/AIDS & Sex Education is complete! We visited multiple schools in Jembrana – one of the neediest regions in Bali – to deliver our flagship sex education workshops.

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Nila’s Special Visit from her Sponsor

Do you remember Nila Warsiki, who we appealed for school sponsorship in February? Well since gaining sponsorship from supporter Marte Haraldsen, Nila has been loving going to school. She also received a great surprise when she was visited by Marte!

Nila lives together with her parents, brother and sister. The 5 family members all live together in a simple a one-roomed house. Every day, Nila wakes up at 6am and walks 6km to and from school.

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Putu Dea’s Progress in School

We are immensely proud to see the change in Putu Dea, who was our very first ‘Child of the Month’. Putu Dea is such a bright young lady, who is relishing her school work thanks to her new sponsorship.

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