25th May 2017.

We had the delight of donating 68 books to a school library this week, thanks to an incredible birthday gesture from a young girl from New York.

Anila’s Bali Bond

We were blown away last year when the Schmidt family came to visit Bali from New York. Anila, accompanying her dad Erik and brother Ryan, personally visited to donate $2,000 of school supplies and bikes to help children get to school.

The Schmidt family had never forgotten the needs of Bali, so much that Anila has just done something quite special.

Birthday Surprise

After her recent 9th birthday, Anila didn’t ask for presents like many girls her age would. Instead, she requested that if anyone wants to give a present, they can donate funds to Bali Children’s Project.

It came as a huge surprise for us, when Anila told us she’d raised enough money to buy dozens of new books. With libraries being in quite poor condition, one of our aims is to create better libraries in schools, so book donations are especially vital.

After sending the birthday donation, which raised $155, Libraries Support Manager Gusti was straight to the bookshops to see what she could buy.

Library in Need

Selecting some fantastic books, Gusti bought 68 new books in total. Combined with some other recent book donations, we had plenty of fantastic new books to donate.

We immediately knew where to send these books too. In Senganan Penebel a school on our Libraries Waiting List was the perfect fit.

They had a great building, but no books, following a fire which burnt most of the books they previously had to a crisp.

What a surprise it was for the children when their library was restocked in the space of just one afternoon!

Gusti’s Delivery

Gusti told us how much it meant to the school;

‘The school principal could not describe how grateful she was for this help. She said her school was lucky to get this help. She was really happy to imagine that from now on the kids will have books at the library to read. The teachers also showed the same gratitude to this program.’

The school’s library is now in far better shape, with children finally enjoying learning and reading with great quality books. As for Anila, we can’t thank her enough for her selfless acts. In fact, the school was quick to invite Anila back to see the books her birthday donation helped to buy.

We’re always looking for support to help fund and equip libraries in Bali. If you can help please get in touch.