23rd July 2015

We were again so pleased to bring another sponsor to meet the child they are helping in Bali.

This time, we were out in Bangli, east Bali, off to visit Ni Luh Rasmiati and her family. Cecilie, Ni Luh’s sponsor had specifically came with us to visit and find out exactly how her sponsorship is helping – and we were more than happy to show her!

We appealed for a sponsor for Ni Luh back in February 2015, with Norwegian Cecilie kindly becoming Ni Luh’s
. Cecilie, a regular visitor to Bali is a teacher back in Norway, and wanted to do something to help children here in Bali too.

Ni Luh’s story is rather sad. her father works at a wood factory and her mother works really hard as a laborer, digging ditches to help support the family. Despite both working extremely hard, they struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford the costs to send their daughter to school.

Her family were in such poverty, the government built them a basic new house. But it didn’t cover school costs.

We set off mid morning and first took a trip to the local markets, where Cecilie picked a few special presents for Ni Luh.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the family and Ni Luh got to meet Cecilie for the first time. She was a little shy, but her eyes lit up when she saw that Cecilie had bought along some school supplies, including a rucksack and brand new school shoes.

Cecilie also kindly brought along food and other items for the family. The biggest surprise was a whopping 40kg of clothing that Cecilie had packed into her suitcase. She had collected clothes from friends and family in Norway, and gifted them to Ni Luh and her family.

The visit was gratefully received by everyone – especially Ni Luh. At the end of July she is moving up to grade 2 and is now the proud owner of lots of new school equipment.

niluh2We will continue to sponsor Ni Luh Rasmiati for all her educational needs. Many children from poor families end up dropping out of school altogether, but sponsorship means we can ensure they can pay the fees to stay in school.

Cecilie left vowing to continue her sponsorship, as well as arranging another trip next time she is in Bali. In the meantime, we’ll make sure Ni Luh Rasmiati has everything she needs to progress in school.

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship, please visit here.