Holiday Giving Appeal

Bali has had an incredibly difficult year. The pandemic has impacted families, schools and children’s education. Now, we’re appealing to supporters to help spread some holiday joy through our holiday giving appeal.

Below you’ll find our three top needs for support over the holiday period.

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1. Books for Libraries

Most libraries in Bali have old, worn books that are normally only in black and white textbook style. Across Bali, we will be delivering new books to libraries in need so that children can read and learn with quality books.

$7 USD buys one quality paperback colour book

$13 USD buys a colourful hardback book

$100 USD buys a ten great quality books

$120 raised so far
Donate to the Holiday Giving Appeal Here

2. Playgrounds for Kindergartens

Many playgrounds in Bali are either old, broken or non-existent. Playgrounds are of course essential to childhood development. We aim to equip as many kindergartens with new playgrounds as possible this holiday seaaon.

$1,000 USD buys a kindergarten a brand new playground. Every donation counts and will be combined to help us reach as many playgrounds as possible.

$50 USD raised so far
Donate to the Holiday Giving Appeal Here

3. Food Relief for Families

The pandemic has hurt the economy so much that families who lived in poverty before are in dire need now. We’re aiming to continue giving as many food relief packages as we can to help families get by. Each donor receives a thank you photo from the family that you have helped.

$40 USD buys a food relief package consisting of staples to feed a family of five for over a month.

$1,215 raised so far
Donate to the Holiday Giving Appeal Here

Other Ways to Support

There are more ways to support children and their families in Bali. Click below to find out other ways in which you can help.

Ways to Help