Bali Children’s Project is excited to announce that our latest community donor project at Julah Library has been fully funded.

Community Donor Projects are renovation projects that help give a new lease of life to schools and kindergartens in rural Bali.

Donors are invited to give torwards our target to complete projects. When all combined donations reach the target, we can start the renovation.

Bali Children’s Project donor Mita saw the project, and with her birthday coming up, she decided to ask people to help contribute to the project, in lieu of presents. Incredibly, Mita, her friends and family raised all of the money required to start the project.

It means that we can get started with the renovation and give the school a library it deserves.

It’s even more exciting for children, as they’ll be able to learn in a brand new library once school returns.

Meanwhile, Bali Children’s Project has launched our next Community Donor Project at Melati Kindergarten, which you can contribute to here.

Our next Community Donor Project is at Melati Kindergarten

All supporters are invited to help us reach our goal of raising 4,200 USD to renovate the kindergarten