7th December 2015.

Sponsored Ni Luh Rismayani (Risma) received a seasonal surprise after sponsor David gave us an additional donation to buy her something special.

Supporting a child to reach their dreams is really something that makes a huge difference. This is certainly the case for Risma, who was sponsored by supporter David in November.A PINK FOR RISMAYANI
After sponsoring, we sent David a larger update on Risma and her needs. Like all children we sponsor, home life is quite basic and things like mattresses, bikes, desks and storage units are all luxuries that most families can’t afford.

When David saw that Risma had so very little, he got straight back to us asking what he could do to make her home life a little more comfortable.

We told David and he donated straight away, enabling us to go and purchase the special surprise. We went straight out to buy a brand new bike, mattress, work desk, shelves and some extra goodies for Risma. Naturally, we picked pink!risma

A RISMA'S NEW BIKEAs we turned up at Risma’s house (a quite small cabin, with only the very basic facilities) the excitement was clear by the smiles on everyone’s faces. One by one, we unloaded the new furniture and moved everything into Risma’s room.

What was previously a dark, plain room became a room worthy of Risma’s character. The new pink themed room was more than Risma could of asked for.

It’s an honour to be able to make changes, both small and large, to children who are less fortunate in Bali. Thanks to support from David and other sponsors like him, we are changing lives for the better every day.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please see our sponsorship page, our Sponsorship Waiting List or simply get in touch.

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