3rd December 2015.

In November, we took 14 children off our waiting list and onto our sponsored list…all thanks to individual support from the global community.

We so happy to keep up the good momentum that is enabling us to sponsor more and more children every single month.

With 15 sponsors in August and another 15 in October, November kept up with 14 new sponsors. So in just 3 short months, we’ve managed to deliver the exciting news of sponsorship to 44 children!

We thank all of our sponsors and continuing sponsors who are kindly putting children through school. Each time a child is sponsored, they are informed by our Area Co-Ordinator staff, who also look after their schools costs and ensure they can complete their education.

A huge thank you to Novembers new sponsors of Jane, Annemarie, Johanna, Opi, Yulia, Bob, Vicki, Susan, Susan (a different Susan!), Jacques, Annamaree, Richard, Mark and Kerry.

 If you are thinking of becoming a sponsor please see our page on sponsorship or our Sponsorship Waiting List. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

You can see all of the children sponsored this month below and find our more about each of their stories by clicking the image.


Darmawan Erika Ema Gusti Ngurah Sudarsana Gusti putu arista danan jaya komang anggreni muammed ansyar Nengah Wardani Ni Wayan Epiani ni wayan sofia warini parwati supriani Widi Asih wira darma