20th August 2015.

On Saturday we had a great day taking supporter Jana to visit Putu Gede Suandika – the child she sponsors to keep him in school.

Jana kindly reached out to sponsor Putu in July, having read his story in our children waiting for sponsorship album.

Like many children in Bali, Putu’s family would struggle to keep up with school related payments. Putu lives in basic conditions with his grandparents who look after him. His mother suffers from a debilitating health problem and his father is no longer around. Their house is tucked away through a series of small paths. A PUTU IS A CUTIEThe only way we could be sure Putu could stay in school was to find him a sponsor.

We had learned that he never has food for lunch, and he’s been paying a teacher for lunch every day.

Having lived in Bali for three years, and with a special love for the unique craft-driven community of Tegellalang, (north east Ubud), Jana jumped at the chance to sponsor Putu. It was just in time for the start of the school year and Putu was so happy to hear he had been given a sponsor.

There was even better news to come too – Jana would be coming to visit Putu! It was only a short journey away and the family were full of optimism for Putu when we arrived.

Accompanied by our dedicated staff member Tri and Founder Linda, Jana kindly brought along a few items for school as a gift. It was a great moment as Putu had a great chance to meet the person who is helping him receive an education.

During the visit, we also found out that Putu walks to school from his home. The road is a horribly hilly and hard walk, that takes a long time. We’ll now be arranging better transport for Putu so he finds it easier to get to school. We’re also arranging for Putu to be provided with a nutritious lunch every day.
We’ll be continuing to monitor how Putu does in school, as well as his other needs like transport and food.
If you would like to find out more about sponsorship, please visit here.