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Teacher Training

GLORIA-AT-TK-2Helping train teachers is a BCP volunteer program with long-lasting, sustainable results. Balinese Kindergartens require a 4-year degree for teachers, but this stipulation is recent. Most teachers have minimal training. The government provides required curriculum, but does not necessarily train the teachers in ways to teach it.

Our kindergartens and pre-Ks always request experienced, trained teachers to help in the classrooms. They know how to teach, how to organize a classroom, and how to motivate young children to learn and enjoy it. This is a really important program.

Contact us for more information about becoming a volunteer teacher trainer. We are looking for someone who is experienced, dedicated and has the time to give

Styles of Teacher Workshops

Jillian and teachers at the teachers'workshop BCP.

Jillian and teachers at the teachers’workshop BCP.

Agenda and Follow up Plan
Jillian Wilks, a volunteer from Australia, has set up a 5-school program, which is maintained all year through her technical support. There is an agenda, lessons, and follow up plans. It is designed to continue with Balinese staff when she is in Australia. A program of this depth and quality is rare and we really appreciate it. It can be set up with other kindergartens by a qualified volunteer teacher.

One School, Different Days
Depending upon location, workshops can be held in one school and teachers from several other schools can attend. This works best if there are several workshops given over time, so material can be repeated and the teachers have the opportunity to try it for themselves. If possible, it’s good to go to the different schools for the lessons so everyone has a chance to learn in their own school.

DSCN1548 (640x480)Teacher Projects
Outside teachers with a fresh view can often give helpful suggestions regarding the use of the classroom space and set up. With the local teacher’s input, It’s really impressive to observe what a new and experienced eye can see.

Teach About Resources
Donations of supplies are wonderful, but often it’s helpful to meet with teachers and go over the supplies that they already have and explain their use and what skills they develop. It’s valuable to ensure that materials fulfill their educational potential.

Gift of Teaching
Teachers have miraculous numbers of songs, dances, and games, RotaryWheelseemingly at their fingertips. If you have experience as a teacher of young children, please join us and share your gift of knowledge.

We extend a big thank you to The Rotary Club of Bridgetown and Jillian Wilks, who have generously given to our teacher training program.

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