29th December 2016.

2016 is almost over. It may have been a year to forget for some, but in Bali some incredible things happened to help children access education.

2016 has been truly monumental for Bali Children’s Project. Thanks to the amazing support kind and caring people the world over, children in Bali have been given opportunities they would have never had before.

Everything we have done has been thanks to the people who have helped us. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to help children.

Here’s our run down of our major accomplishments in 2016.

sintia2Sintia Wati’s New Home

Sintia’s situation shocked any people. She came to us after a local teacher appealed for help to pay her school fees. When we saw her home life, we knew something had to change. Before our appeal to build her a new house got started, the kind people from Mercia Marina had donated the funds to build her a new home.

See Sintia’s Video

School’s Support Program Kicks Off

Our Schools Supporter Program was relaunched in 2016, with some brilliant results. The aim was to provide renovations, supplies and training for preschools and kindergartens who needed it most. Thanks to support from many schools and donors, we’ve been able to equip multiple schools. A special donation from Timothy Sykes has provided the funding to truly launch this program and undertake major renovations.

See the difference at Siangan Pre School

sex11Sex Education for over 5,000 Teenagers

Funding from the Mel Wolf Foundation and Three Monkeys Café made it possible for us to deliver our biggest ever year for Sex Education in schools. With HIV/AIDS cases increasing significantly in Bali, our team visited 47 schools to help proactively reduce new cases through education.

See our review of the program.

116 Children Sponsored in 2016!

…and it’s not quite the end of 2016 yet. Sponsorships are the cornerstone of what we do. Through giving children from poor families the ability to stay in school, they stand a chance to achieve their dreams. We thank every single sponsor who has taken the decision to support a child through school. Thanks to you, lives are being changed.

Each newsletter includes a summary of sponsored children

mat5Christmas Mattress Appeal

It has only just finished, but our annual appeal helped to raise over $1,000s of dollars all to be spent directly on buying mattresses and beds. It was incredible to see so many people giving to children in Bali as part of their festive present giving. The best thing was seeing the smiles on the faces of children who could not believe someone had helped them to sleep better at night.

Our Appeal Facebook updates are here: Update 1Update 2Update 3 and you can see the appeal here.

rowan2Wishlist Donations

What can we say about the outpouring of donations from people visiting Bali? Again, our biggest ever year in receiving supplies and delivering them directly to children and schools. Donations to the Children’s Wishlist enabled us to donate supplies and materials to sponsored children and schools all over Bali. We thank all the kind individuals who made the effort to give a little something to children in need in Bali.

Donations from Rowan View Preschool, Australia

eny2Graduation Time

In June each year, sponsored children finally graduate from school. A previously unattainable goal, we were so pleased to see our sponsored children make it all the way. Graduating enables children to go into the world of work, knowing they can compete and use their qualifications to find jobs.

See this video of Eny, one of our 2016 graduates.

Fitri1Emergency Care Support

Sometimes, life isn’t as simple as giving a sponsorship. That’s why we set up our Emergency Care Fund – to give children in tough situations a way out. Whether it’s sponsor ‘drop outs’ or children who aren’t able to eat properly, the fund looks after their situations. Our work is intensive – every child is cared for individually and we do our best to provide as much as we can.

Fitri’s Housing Joy thanks to Emergency Care Fund donors BauXo

Sponsor Visits

It’s always a pleasure for sponsors to see first hand how their support is helping. We’ve had dozens of visits in 2016, which have truly galvanised many children into reaching for their dreams. When children meet the people who are helping them through school, it is a huge boost.

See Alison and Susan’s featured visit

susan6Quality of Life Improvements

Our number one aim is to provide life changing educational support for children. But seeing many conditions at home, we know a that giving a little home support can make a huge difference. In 2016 we had so many people donate bikes, mattresses, food, home items and more…all putting huge smiles on the faces of children.

Featured: Melissa’s ‘Bikes to go to School’ Fundraiser

…or New York’s Bali Surprise