Students and teacher’s from QSI International School have helped to completely change a library in the rural village of Batuan, Bali.

When QSI International School teachers Adam and Heather visited Bali Children’s Project, they knew their school could help to give students a better quality learning environment.

Access to Books in Bali

During their visit, Adam and Heather found out that behind the gloss of the tourism industry, Bali has its fair share of issues.

Specifically, they found out that many schools in Bali had mandatory library buildings, but a lack of books, supplies and support to make the libraries useful. Without support, these buildings become run down storage rooms, or seldom used libraries.

Batuan Village

The story was the same in Batuan Elementary school. There was a dedicated library building which had been kept in good condition. The school had collected all the books they could and kept the building clean, continuing to use it as a library.

However, most of the books were old and uninteresting to students. With many books over 20 years old, the library was made up of mainly text books that children found boring. Undeterred, the school teachers kept trying to improve the library for their students.

Change in Fortunes

Batuan Elementary had been one of the many libraries currently on our ‘Fund a Library’ waiting list. With the building being in good condition, all it needed was a lick of paint, new furniture, seating and of course lots of new books.

Luckily for the children of Batuan, Adam and Heather took the project straight to their school back in China. QSI International School loved the idea of helping students worse off in Bali, and began fundraising.

Chinese School Funding

A few months later, the school had raised the $2,500 USD needed to transform the library. And what a difference those funds made! The library went from a room that was rarely used, to a facility students could not wait to visit every day.

Many students even stay after school and spend their break times reading, such is the desire to read.

In Bali, most children in rural areas do not even own a book. So it’s no wonder that creating a new library with over 300 books gathers so much interest.

Can you Renovate a Library?

If you are from a school and want to help transform a library, school or any other project, see our school partnerships here.

If you are interested in helping us create new libraries, you can projects awaiting funding here.



There are many more libraries in Bali needing help. If you can donate books or help us renovate, please get in touch.

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