Bali Children’s Project is delighted to announce that two landmark programs are continuing through 2020. Both HIV & AIDS Awareness and Child Protection programs have been fully funded!

Thanks to funding from multiple grant makers, we are proud to say the programs are back in 2020 and are bigger and better than ever!

Taboos: Sex and Abuse

Bali Children’s Project runs two pioneering programs within Balinese elementary and high schools. Both programs focus on empowering students all over Bali.

With limited sex education in the Indonesian curriculum, many students are underequipped to deal with their adolescent lives. Our dedicated team work with schools all over Bali to change this.

Since 2014, the Sex Education has reached tens of thousands of students directly, helping inform students about their sexual lives so they can make responsible decisions.

Meanwhile, child abuse is a taboo subject, with no accurate figures available regarding the extent of the issue. It is something that is just not spoken about. However, these taboos are being broken within primary schools in Bali.

Launching in 2017 as a pilot program, the Child Protection program is now a fully-fledged program that reached 7,800 students in 2019.

HIV & AIDS Awareness Photos

Funding Delight

The grants from a variety of supporters are helping us to reach more students than ever in both programs.

It is really the difference between life and death in many cases. With both youngsters and teenagers alike able to understand the issues, they can make informed decisions about how their lives go.

Our 2020 Sex Education Funders: The Mel Wolf Foundation, The Mercury Pheonix Trust, Anonymous and The McDonald Family.

Our 2020 Child Protection Funders: The Mel Wolf Foundation, Bali Chef’s Charity Lunch, COMO Uma

It translates as a teenager who knows where sexual disease comes from or a youngster who has knows not to allow someone to abuse them.

Programs Grow

The growth of our Sex Education work is more important when looking at the latest figures. Between 2013 and 2018, HIV and AIDS cases over doubled in Bali (from 12,145 to 27,225).

Our team deliver sex education workshops in high schools, while engaging school health groups to develop their own strategies. A mobile app, booklet and a student health group competition have put sex education front and centre for many schools.

Meanwhile, our Child Protection team are busy delivering engaging workshops for youngsters to understand what abuse is. It’s a mix of fun and games.

This year, a boost in funding means we’ll be able to reach double the number of students in Child Protection from 2019.

Future Needs

Our sincere thanks go to our grant makers of these programs. Without you, this would not be happening and more children would be at risk of abuse and sexual related issues.

We are always seeking funding to grow and support these programs – especially in the long term. If you are interested in supporting these programs in 2020 and beyond, please get in touch.

Child Protection Workshop Photos

Although we have enough to continue the program ins 2020, we’re always seeking ways to increase our impact

If you can help us access more funding, we can educate more students in these important issues.