Komang Sukayasa

Komang is an 11 year old boy who had to stop school after first grade. His widowed mother had no money to buy him shoes, uniforms or school supplies and so, like his older brother, he stopped.

This year, at the urging of the local government, Komang went back to school. He’s been really happy to have this chance and, even though it’s difficult for an 11 year old boy to repeat first grade, he’s doing it. We are appealing for a sponsor to help the costs to keep Komang in school.

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Life Saving Workshops Begin!

A GIRLS W BANNERWe are very excited to say that this years HIV, AIDS and sex education workshops have begun!

Lead by BCP’s Opy Sulaeman and our fantastic team of staff, we visited our first schools of 2015 for the engaging workshops.

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Dinda – Our Brochure Cover Girl

For those of you who have seen our brochure, you may have been intrigued as to the story of young Dinda.
Dinda is our brochure cover girl, picked because she encompasses everything that BCP stands for.

We heard about Dinda after a village leader told our staff of a 6 year old girl desperate for access to school in 2013. Dinda and her family were so poor, they couldn’t afford to give her any shoes.

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Sex Education Funding Success

BCP-HIV01Bali Children’s Project has received a second one-year grant for educating Bali’s children in Sex Education/HIV&AIDS from the Mel Wolf Foundation.

The grant of US$13,500 will allow Bali Children’s Project to continue and expand its program of educating Bali’s youth about the sometime-taboo subjects of HIV/AIDS and sex education. Continue reading

BCP School Opens in Ubud!

There were jubilant celebrations from children and parents in Ubud as Bali Children’s Project opened our first permanent pre-school and library.

After operating for over 10 years from a small office that doubled up as a pre-school for local children, we finally opened our dedicated new school on 8th January.

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Sofianti Agustini


Sofianti Agustini, age 8 and in third grade, works in a laundry after school to help support the family.

Her father was paralyzed from the waist down 8 years ago after falling from a coconut tree, and her mother must stay with him and attend to his needs, as well as care for his aging mother. They live in a small boarding house with 2 bedrooms. Please help by sponsoring Sofianti.

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Gamelan Style!

b ONLY IN BALISister  and Brother Made Emas and Wayan Anon have a special story – and it all revolves around music.
The two were taught traditional Balinese music ‘Gamelan’ by their father from a very early age.
Sadly, Made and Wayan’s beloved father passed away in 2014, leaving a huge hole in their life. They are looked after by their mother and uncle who run a small local sewing shop.

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