February Enewsletter

7th March 2018

In February we opened the Leonore G Calaustro Learning Centre, launched out 2018 program or awareness workshops and much more.

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January Enewsletter

7th February 2018

January included starting two new projects in rural Bali, catching up with previous graduates and sponsoring more children for school in Bali – and more!

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Three Children Sponsored!

4th February 2018.

A wonderful start to the year for three children from our Sponsorship Waiting List, as they found out their future at school was secure.

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THANK YOU: 2017 Review

1st January 2018.

As 2017 draws to an end, we take a look back at some of our achievements in our 2017 review. It was all made possible thanks to our wonderful supporters.

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Christmas Donation to Bali

8th December 2017.

From volcano evacuation camps, to giving a family supply pack, you can bring joy to children in Bali. There are many ways to give a Christmas donation.

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August Enewsletter

9th September 2017.

Our August enewsletter has stories on visit Timothy Sykes, the opening of yet another school and how Karma really is happening in Bali.

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July Enewsletter

9th August 2017.

Catch up on our work in our July Enewsletter, including opening a new school, delivering a new school transport bus and wishing 15 graduates great futures.

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15 Children Sponsored in July

5th August 2017.

A huge month for sponsorships in July saw 15 needy children go from an uncertain future to a secure full education thanks to sponsors.

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June Enewsletter

6th July 2017.
Our June Enewsletter includes updates on the end of the school year as well as progress on two new school buildings, with a feature on health education too.

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May Enewsletter

5th June 2017.
Our May enewsletter introduces our next renovation on the shores of Bali, as well as building updates and stories from sponsored and waiting list children.

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VIDEO: Storeroom to Library

2nd May 2017.

What was a storeroom has become an brilliant new library for children in the mountains of Tabanan, Bali, as our new library opened for the first time.

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VIDEO: Widya Baru Renovation

22nd February 2017.

In Bali Children’s Project’s first project of 2017, we renovated an old, crumbling school in the mountains of Tabanan, Bali. It’s unrecognisable now.

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January Enews

6th February 2017.
Six more children sponsored, an update on our Widya Baru renovation project and stories from children Komang and ‘Dog Whisperer’ Agung Dewi.

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Drum Factory Supplies Schools

25th January 2017.

Thanks to donations from Bali based  Drum Factory, Bali Children’s Project are multiple underprivileged preschools and kindergartens with musical instruments.

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2016 for Bali Children’s Project

29th December 2016.

2016 is almost over. It may have been a year to forget for some, but in Bali some incredible things happened to help children access education.

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Christmas Appeal: Buy a Mattress

Christmas Appeal 2016.

This season, help improve a child’s life in poverty by donating a mattress through Bali Children’s Project’s Christmas Appeal.


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VIDEO: Sintia’s New Life

29th September 2016.

12 year old Sintia was found living in a shack in east Bali. Now, we have some incredible news to share about how her life has changed for the better.

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Sintia’s House is Halfway There

19th July 2016.

Our charity work in Bali continued as Sintia Wati’s house has started to take shape! The foundations are complete and the walls are going up.

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Vote for Bali Children’s Project

1st July 2016.

Bali Children’s Project have been selected for the Saleduck Competition for charities – a giveaway of millions of Indonesian Rupiah. We need your help!

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Wildan Appeals for Help

18th May 2016.

Wildan has had a tough life. His parents have passed away and his extended family are struggling to afford school costs. Wildan’s sponsorship recently fell through, meaning he urgently needs a new sponsor to help him through school.

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