Enterprise Systems Sponsor 3

13th February 2017.

Bali Children’s Project were able to spread some great news to three children recently, as Enterprise Systems stepped in to become a multiple sponsor.

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Adi Kumara Renovations

8th February 2017.

Work has already started on our latest Timothy Sykes Foundation renovation project – transforming a another kindergarten in Tabanan to improve early stage education in Bali.

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Children Sponsored in January

2nd February 2017.

Our thanks to the six new sponsors in January, who all chose to help change a child in Bali’s life by offering them a school sponsorship.

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Bali’s Dog Whisperer

31st January 2017.

Having been on the edge of losing her life, Agung Anak Dewi found strength in her bond with her dogs. Now healthy and happy, she’s hoping to find a school sponsor.

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VACANCY: Children’s Library Manager

27th January 2017.

An exciting opportunity has come up for an inspirational and dedicated Children’s Library Program Manager in Bali, Indonesia. *Indonesian candidates only.

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Child Protection in Bali

13th January 2017.

After a hugely successful trial of new Child Protection in 2016, Bali Children’s Project will be improving and expanding the program for 2017 and onwards.

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New man Komang

9th January 2017.

Komang Sukedana is a whole new man since we first met him in June last year. This is how a sponsorship can make a difference to a young man’s life.

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December Enewsletter

5th January 2017.

A review of our year, which included 119 new sponsorships, as well as news from our Christmas Mattress Appeal and school renovations in our December Enewsletter.

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9 Children Sponsored in December

4th January 2017.

December was a brilliant end to 2017 as we sponsored 9 more children for school, giving them secured education and new hope of a future.

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2016 for Bali Children’s Project

29th December 2016.

2016 is almost over. It may have been a year to forget for some, but in Bali some incredible things happened to help children access education.

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Sex Education Review: 2016

15th December 2016.

After visiting 48 schools all over Bali and bringing our workshops to 5,343 students, our 2016 Sex Education Workshops are over, but there’s more to come.

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Christmas Appeal: Buy a Mattress

Christmas Appeal 2016.

This season, help improve a child’s life in poverty by donating a mattress through Bali Children’s Project’s Christmas Appeal.


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November Enewsletter & Appeal

7th December 2016.

Bringing news of new school renovations and our very special Christmas Mattress Appeal, that will give children with less a good nights sleep.

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November: 5 Children Sponsored

1st December 2016.

Our thanks to November’s new sponsors Alison, Ali, Petra, Bruce and Maryam, who have all committed to supporting children through school in November.

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New Futures for Four Children

16th November 2016.

17 year old Linda Yani and three other children have new futures thanks to a series of kindness from supporters.

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October Enewsletter

5th November 2016.

In our October enewsletter we announced a huge new fund that will change lives of 1,000’s of children in Bali, as well as some stories from the field.

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October: 5 Children Sponsored

2nd November 2016.

Thanks to the kind sponsors of Viceroy Bali, Karina and Thomas, we were able to secure a school future for 5 more children in Bali.

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Timothy Sykes’ Schools Fund

31st October 2016.

Breaking news. A large grant from the Timothy Sykes Foundation is set to completely renovate numerous preschools and kindergartens in Bali.

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Elephant Stripes Donates Backpacks

20th October 2016.

Children in Bali were amazed to receive a donation of 149 backpacks from New Zealand based corporate supporter Elephant Stripes.

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From New York to Bali

12th October 2016.

New York came to Bali this week, as we welcomed visitors from the Schmidt Family, who arrived in Bali with a special surprise.

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