Kadek’s Future

20th March 2018.

Life for Kadek Dimas and his parents is tough. His parents suffer from health problems and struggle with daily life, while rising school costs loom over Kadek and his family. Continue reading

Funding for Sex Ed in Bali

7th March 2018.

Bali Children’s Project is delighted to announce that our Sex Education Project has been funded for another year, thanks to some crucial support.

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Leonore’s Learning Centre

5th March 2018.

It’s open! The Leonore G. Calaustro Learning Centre opened it’s doors officially on 20th February. It has been an incredible turnaround from the derelict old building that was previously there.

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Siska Needs a Stroke of Luck

28th February 2018.

16 year old Siska is in desperate need of sponsorship. Her schools debts are mounting and her recent bad luck compounded when her previous sponsor stopped.

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Original Founder’s Message

5th February 2018

Upon seeing Bali Children’s Project’s latest work, original founder, John Cooke wrote an open letter of congratulations as well as a look into the past.

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Pitriani’s Story

2nd February 2018.

Seven months after graduating, 17 year old Pitriani is now has her whole life ahead of her, after sponsorship completely turned things around.

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Brian’s Memorial to Leonore

29th January 2018.

When Brian’s wife Leonore passed away in 2017, Brian was determined to create something special to honour her memory in the form of a new learning centre.

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Mount Agung Preperations

23rd January 2018.

As Mount Agung continues daily tremors, Bali Children’s Project have been preparing children and families for the worst case scenarios.

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Dausa School Starts!

3rd January 2018.

Hot off an incredible 2017, we are straight into our 2018 projects. Introducing Dausa Kindergarten, yet another school built thanks to Timothy Sykes.

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Sexual Education: 2017 Review

29th December 2017.

As we come to the end of 2017, we also mark the end of our annual sexual health education program. In 2017, the workshops reached more teenagers than ever…

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Thank You 2017 Sponsors

28th December 2017.

With 14 new sponsors from October – December, disadvantaged children are ending the year on a high note – they no longer need to worry about school fees.

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Video: Child Protection

27th December 2017.

Introducing Bali Children’s Project’s latest program – Child Protection workshops in Bali. In 2017, we visited 24 schools and over 840 students.

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Timothy Sykes Effect

18th December 2017.

Thanks to Timothy Sykes, Bali Children’s Project has been able renovate and build several schools in Bali, helping hundreds of children access education.

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Citra and Mira’s Bad Luck

13th December 2017.

Sisters Citra and Mira have had some rotten luck – both have had two sponsors stop. As they grow older, the only thing that will keep them in school is a sponsorship.

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Mount Agung Relief Continues

11th December 2017.

It’s been a worrying time in Bali as Mount Agung’s potential eruption continues to affect lives of families and children. Our Mount Agung relief effort continues…

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October Enewsletter

8th November 2017.

A month of uncertainty in October as we focused on providing relief for thousands of children in evacuation camps, while elsewhere in Bali opening a new learning centre!

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Mount Agung Volcano Update

9th November 2017.

Since warning of a possible eruption of Mount Agung, Bali has been on high alert. Find out about our ongoing response in our latest Mount Agung Update.

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The Welch Learning Centre

20th October 2017.

Just look at the joy on the faces of Penebel children as we opened a brand new Welch Learning Centre in the hills of Bali!

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Five Sponsored in September

6th October 2017.

Good news for five children from our sponsorship waiting list who were all sponsored by kind donors in September.

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Mount Agung Update

2nd October 2017.

Mount Agung Update: Follow threat of eruption from Mount Agung, Bali Children’s Project have been busy helping evacuated families.

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