Pitriani’s Story

2nd February 2018.

Seven months after graduating, 17 year old Pitriani is now has her whole life ahead of her, after sponsorship completely turned things around.

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Linda Dewi Dares to Dream

21st September 2017.

Linda Dewi knew that because of her mounting debt, she would not graduate. That was before, and now Linda Dewi dares to dream of a different future.

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Graduates of 2017

17th July 2017.

An incredible day as Bali Children’s Projects 2017 graduates gathered together to celebrate their finishing school and the start of the rest of their lives.

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New man Komang

9th January 2017.

Komang Sukedana is a whole new man since we first met him in June last year. This is how a sponsorship can make a difference to a young man’s life.

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VIDEO: Sintia’s New Life

29th September 2016.

12 year old Sintia was found living in a shack in east Bali. Now, we have some incredible news to share about how her life has changed for the better.

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Video: Eny’s Graduation!

2nd July 2016.

Sponsored Eny is one of this year’s graduates from our sponsorship program. Eny told us about what a difference sponsorship has made to her life and plans for the future.

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Gamelan and Shadow Puppets

15th February 2016.

Anom and his sister Emas are incredibly gifted youngsters with a special and rare skill – as Gamelan musicians. They both have incredible futures ahead of them.

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Jamu Spa Graduation for Girls

20th January 2016.

There were celebrations last week as the girls from Jamu Spa graduated to become professional therapists. We couldn’t be more proud.

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A Balinese Holiday Story

23rd December 2015.

This is a holiday story like no other. There’s no reindeer or santas, but an incredible turnaround in circumstances for two Balinese sisters.

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Citra and Mira Move Out!

31st October 2015.

Wonderful news as we have managed to move Citra and Mira – the girls we found living in a basement – to new temporary accommodation.

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Orphans Given Second Chance

28th October 2015.

When we met 5 orphaned children left to fend for themselves, we knew we could help. 14 year old Yulianti’s story was especially disturbing, but we are pleased to say things have brightened up for the children.

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Despair Turns to Delight

5th October 2015.

Pasek Sinta has been through an awful lot. After her dad passed away, her scholarship was not enough to keep her in college – she would be forced to quit. But now that has all changed.

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Life has Changed for Sofianti

10th September 2015.

Do you remember Sofianti, who spent all her time working to help her family? Now we have some exciting news about how sponsorship has changed her life.

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Bali’s Next Entrepreneur?

3rd September 2015.

Meet two very talented sisters – Luheny (Eny) and Paramita (Ena). Oldest sister Eny has a very special skill that could pave the way for an exciting future…

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Graduation Celebration in Bali

8th July 2015.

It’s celebration time for graduates from Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Program. July marks the end of many sponsored children’s educational career and an a world of opportunity lies ahead.

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BCP School Opens in Ubud!

There were jubilant celebrations from children and parents in Ubud as Bali Children’s Project opened our first permanent pre-school and library.

After operating for over 10 years from a small office that doubled up as a pre-school for local children, we finally opened our dedicated new school on 8th January.

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Gamelan Style!

b ONLY IN BALISister  and Brother Made Emas and Wayan Anon have a special story – and it all revolves around music.
The two were taught traditional Balinese music ‘Gamelan’ by their father from a very early age.
Sadly, Made and Wayan’s beloved father passed away in 2014, leaving a huge hole in their life. They are looked after by their mother and uncle who run a small local sewing shop.

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Suwisni’s New Job

10934033_849716848405539_3575597034413816921_n We met Ni Made Suwisni years ago. She was unable to access school as her family were unable to pay the associated costs. Life in Bali can be tough.

We helped Ni Made Suwisni by giving her sponsorship so that she could access school. After years of sponsorship, Suwisni blossomed into an amazing young lady.

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Wayan Yuliantari

WAYANWhen we met Wayan Yuliantari in 2007 she was a bright girl with slim prospects of staying in school. People in her family and community had not been able to get an education and she wanted to be the first. Bright and personable, she was so pleased when her sponsor, Bhanu of Royal Hotels, said that he would sponsor her through high school.
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Soni1Soni was about 7 years old when she was first sponsored by BCP, having already dropped out of second grade. She was taken in by another family in her crowded compound and she returned to school. The thought of stopping again was never a thought.
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